2022 CWCCWR Regional Specialty Profit/ Loss

Specialty Catalog           250.00
Specialty Entry Fees         1,600.55
Specialty Thursday Lunch           360.00
Specialty Friday Lunch           430.00
Specialty Hospitality Fund             70.00
Specialty Raffle           280.00
Specialty Silent Auction           460.00
Specialty Trophy Fund        1,710.00
Total Income        5,160.55
* Specialty Entry Fees: Check received from Foy Trent – after the following fees deducted:
   AKC Fees/ Superintendent Fees/ Sweepstakes Money/ Placement Ribbons (Friday)
Specialty Judge Expenses         881.34
Specialty Judge Gifts         342.74
Specialty Thursday Lunch Expenses         311.37
Specialty Friday Lunch Expenses         365.56
Specialty Hospitality Expenses        179.14
Specialty Operating Expenses          63.44
Specialty Ribbon Expenses **        834.74
Specialty Trophy Expenses     1,366.00
Total Expenses     4,344.33
NET PROFIT/ LOSS        816.22
** Note: Ribbons Ordered for 2022 were from three different ribbon companies: 
    Stineman Ribbon Company/ Hodges Badge Company/ Sylvan Studios since Foy Trent was not providing ribbons for 2022.
    There was a credit of 286.53 from Sylvan Studios since the ribbons provided did not have the AKC Logo.  Due to the mix up
    and turn around, Foy was able to provide the placement ribbons for the Friday show.  If Sylvan was included, the total
    ribbon cost would have been $1,121.27.
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